The Changeling

A new life awakens, one that knows no adversary, only to survive
Its life is quickened, by the kindling of warmth and nurture
Its growing instinct to evolve, and be what nature intended
Part of a plan too magnanimous, beyond the mortal ken

You are like a caterpillar in its nymph like state
You awaken from the egg you were, to explore the wonders around you
The world around you struggles to exist, and being of this world, so do you
The reality of the situation is as freighting, as it is daunting
Still you summon all that you are, and shall become, as your sword and buckler

There you stand prepared for all you must overcome
Though your heart is flagging, there remains the small fire of hope
The hope that is nestled, hidden deep within your breast
The hope that you will meet this challenge, or perish trying

So you seek out somewhere, some place you can protect yourself
A place you pray you may weather the storm, to live one more day
And so you find the underside of nature’s truest refuges
A place where providence guides you to in your ignorance

The refuge and shelter of his love, in the bitter winds that blow
Where you may prepare a home for the changes to come
You know not why, only that the change is imminent
A change you are not comfortable with, but must surely come

So fate causes you to create a lair or insulation around you
A barrier between you, and the hostile world that would savage you
And when the creation is built, and now it stands between you and it
Safe and warm in its protection, you are overwhelmed with fatigue

So you sleep the sleep of the dead, as you now change innocuously
Incrementally your larval feeding state, slowly undergoes metamorphosis
Shedding its ugly wormlike form, for that of one of utter spender
And as you sleep you dream of changing into something wonderful

A dream that you may bring new beauty into the world around you
That you might bring change to the hostile, and bitter world around you
A world that only recognizes the beauty and symmetry in things that change
That world that needs to undergo the state of change itself

And then after your long lasting slumber you are awakened from within
The voice of creation stirs inside and summons you to motion again
Again you feel the constraints of nature around you, confining you
Withholding from you, all the promise of your designed destiny

And then there is felt a tremor, a chink the armor of nature
A breath of life where there was none left to breathe, within her confines
A tear in the fabric of stasis, evolving into something more pure more perfect
A new life emerges from the mundane, into the elegance of grace and beauty

Liberated now by the inspiration, and love of life, and all its wonders
You are free to spread your gossamer wings, to dry in the warmth of the sun
Testing their strength in the warm rays of dawn, you are ready now for flight
A leap of faith, and at last you are an adult, with all the privilege of the
of the skies above, limited only by the bonds of its own dominion

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