How can I make you understand how hard it will be to live without your presence?

Without your loving loyalty shining through all the corners of your love for me

Your adoration no matter how ill you felt that day, how you always put me first

And I can never repay for you undying devotion my loving pet

And when I was ill or agitated your eternal empathy always shone through my clouded mind

You were always there for me and give me reason to smile, to love like no other before you

You could always make me feel so happy about my life, so long as you were there for me

And through out the years we lived together I would never have turn back the page never halving knowing your sweet love

And though you only departed from me scant hours ago

I feel your presence here still tonight, and the ghost of your remnant

For months and years to come I see you and hear you all around me

Not because you haunt me, but because your friendship and love will never leave me

You will always be with me now and forever

There will never be another like you my “Angel”