Keith Stewart - My Adventuring Days

My background began in photographic arts where I studied at Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology, Oakville, Ontario, in which one of my courses was the new age skill of twentieth century creative writing and communications.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then my love of the expression of words and phrases stems from my interest in photography, and my love of reading and the art of the narrative of story telling.

I believe there is a thriving desire by the young to understand the work of their progenitors, by the exploration of their own youthful wanderlust, as I once did with the adventure of travel and new challenge, and thus by extension I believe there exists a vibrant market for this manuscript to flourish.

It is my fondest wish to encourage today’s generation to accept the challenge of digesting this book, in the hopes it might awaken in those who read it, the excitement and enthusiasm it was meant to inspire, in the wonder of the world they live in and education of books.

Tags: Books, Authors, Keith Stewart

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